• En 1996,Joan Van Ark a joué dans un épisode du Prince de Bel-Air,série qui révéla Will Smith(The fresh prince of Bel-Air).Voici un aperçu de son personnage,Jewel Pemberton lors de cet épisode''Irrésistible tentation - 1re partie ''(Breaking up is hard to do: part 1).

    Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air". Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air". Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air". Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air".

    Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air". Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air".

    Joan Van Ark dans ''Le prince de Bel-Air".

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  • Voici d'autres photos de Doug s’apprêtant à participer à un match de polo.

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  • Friday, February 20, 2015

    'Pretty' Season 4 Finale Exclusive Sneak Peek


    Steve Silverman, Stacy McQueen and Joan Van Ark. Photo courtesy of Pretty/Steve Silverman.

    The hilarious fourth season of award-winning comedy Pretty continues the story of Annette Champagne (Stacy McQueen), now an adult decades past her childhood pageant days, running her own dance studio, and dealing with a daughter of her own, "Dance Moms" plus an arch rival from her past.

    With the season finale set to air on Monday, Annette has been knocked out and is now wandering around in an alternate reality, her rival Lily (Adrienne Wilkinson) is determined to keep Annette’s dance team from performing, and a mysterious man named Andrew (Kyle David Pierce) has a secret to share that will change everything.

    If that weren’t enough for a finale, add in the returns of not one, but two cast members from the show's past, both Emmy-nominees and TV icons: Denise Alexander (General Hospital, Another World, Days of our Lives) and Joan Van Ark (Knots Landing, Nip Tuck, The Young and the Restless), who won an Indie Series Award in 2012 for her work in Pretty.

    “We’re thrilled to have Denise and Joan back with us again,” says series creator/writer/director Steve Silverman, “We revealed Denise at the end of our previous episode and Joan arrives in this one. We’ve kept Joan’s involvement top secret for almost a year now, that’s how we do at Pretty, we like a surprise. Both of these powerhouse ladies are a pleasure to work with and are welcome anytime at Pretty.”

    But hang on, that’s not the only surprise Silverman is promising: Prepare for the biggest cliffhanger in Pretty history. And the best part? You won’t see it coming.

    “Hold on to your sequins, a bombshell is about to go off,” Silverman warns with a smile, “Pretty fans are gonna kill me when they see how this season ends.”

    Serial Scoop has an exclusive sneak peek of the season finale.  Watch it below:




    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Joan dans la finale de la saison 4 de "Pretty".

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  • Ceci n'est pas une chanson issue de la série,mais la musique du générique de fin du 2ème épisode de la saison 3,"État critique(Critical Condition)".Sid Fairgaite décédait  lors d'une intervention chirurgicale très risquée visant à lui faire retrouver l'usage de ses membres.




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